Briefs: The Second Coming

briefs-2-second-coming-group-shot-final-lst119738Oh my, what can I say about Briefs which I saw last night at the London Wonderground? A troupe of beautiful boys in a comedy/cabaret/circus/burlesque show that is a transfixing feast for the eyes!

This saucy 90 minute show will have you blushing to begin with until you settle in to the nakedness on stage before you. But by the end of the show you will be whooping on your feet, begging for more.

A School boy doing tricks with a rubix cube, a hat and and a yo yo wrapped around body parts you could never imagine! A monkey having a wonderful time with a banana and a naked man in a bird bath full of water, this is one show you don’t want to get too close to if you want to stay dry!

Some acts are better than others. Ranging from weird, to good, to ridiculously amazing. The show could be cut down to an hour of brilliance but it certainly never gets boring.

Don’t go if you’re easily shocked (this certainly isn’t something to take the kids to) but if you have the guts, you will be fascinated by this gender bending group of talented performers in a show that is unlike anything London has seen before. You will also get a very informative lesson in the proper use of the word ‘jealous’! I have been using it constantly since.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Briefs: The Second Coming, plays at the London Wonderground on Southbank until Saturday 28 September. It’s sold out but you can still catch it at the Brighton Comedy Festival on 16-18 October! It’s well worth a naughty night away!