Carnaby Street

Rating ***
Reviewed by Stephen Duncombe

Carnaby Street the Musical UK Tour
New Wimbledon Theatre, London

Opening night of Carnaby Street in Wimbledon was a busy one and I was excited to see it! There was a mixed audience of all ages, everyone wanting some 60’s retro vibe.

The show is about two young Liverpudlians who arrive at Carnaby Street in 60’s London, wanting to make their fame and fortune through music. Their story is told through well known 60’s music, which didn’t fail to get feet tapping but it did seem to be very focused around the music. At times I lost track of the story due to another song being randomly sung.

Vocals though were of a high standard and the cast sounded fabulous together, with great harmonies. ‘Penny’ played by Aimie Atkinson sang every solo with gut and emotion especially her angelic rendition of ‘Go Now’. The ladies outshined the men in this show. ‘Jane’ played by Tricia Adele Turner gave a very heartfelt and emotive version of ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’.

The finale really got the crowd going and had the audience up on their feet clapping and singing away, it was just a shame it took until the end of the show to get this reaction.

Carnaby Street is a good night out if you love listening to 60’s music but if you’re a musical theatre fan and love the story just as much as the music, you may come away a little disappointed.