Cassie Compton has Tea With Wilma

TWW Cassie ComptonCan you tell me about some of your career highlights for anyone who may not be familiar with your work?
I have to say that playing Jean in American Psycho at The Almeida Theatre was most certainly a career highlight for me, it was challenging and such an interesting and controversial piece to work on- I also made some wonderful friends! I’ve been really lucky to have played roles in shows such as Les Miserable’s and Wicked- and work on TV shows like Call the Midwife. Now of course, Molly Wobbly!

You are about to star in Molly Wobbly at Leicester Square Theatre Lounge. Tell me about the show and what attracted you to the role you are playing.
I had heard amazing things about the show whilst it was on in Edinburgh. I am great friends with Conleth Kane, (who plays my husband ‘Jake’ in the show) and he put me in touch with Paul Boyd (the shows Creator and Director), I had a listen to the material and loved it straight away! It’s clever, witty and extremely funny! What attracted me to the role of Jemma, was that she is not the sort of character I would usually been seen or considered for. Also, the chance to be part of a musical comedy was also to good to pass on!

 Have you ever had any funny/disastrous on-stage experiences?
Oh yes! When I was playing Nessarose in Wicked, I fell onstage during Governor’s Mansion and fractured my elbow! My friends found it highly amusing that for all of the 5 minutes that Nessarose isn’t in her wheelchair during the show, I manage to injure myself!

If you were going to name a pet after a musical theatre character, what would you choose?

If you could only ever listen to one more musical theatre song, what would you choose?
Ooh, that’s a tough one… I would have to say ‘Someone Like You’ from Jekyll and Hyde. If you asked me again next week though, I will most likely have changed my mind! Ha!

Why should people come and see Molly Wobbly?
It’s cheeky and fun- Rocky Horror meets Little Shop of Horrors! Paul Boyd is a genius and has written such a witty, clever and relevant show. Oh and did I mention… Tits! Come along and see us… we open at Leicester Square Theatre on the 27th January and we’re running till the 14th of March! Box Office: 08448 733433  or online at

Thanks for having Tea With Wilma

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