City Stories plays at St James Studio this week

9ae73d_a07141e51289494f841c944a1599c16d.jpg_srb_p_557_789_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbFrom the 2nd-7th June, James Phillips play City Stories will be playing in St James Studio. James’s play McQueen, which was inspired by Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen, is currently playing in the St James Theatre Main House, meaning that this week he is taking over the whole of the theatre.

City Stories are tales of Love and Magic in London, all scored by live music written and performed by Rosabella Gregory, a beautiful and brilliant singer songwriter. They’re all little jewels, six interwoven stories all set in contemporary London, all magic realism: similar to McQueen.

Written and directed by award winning playwright James Phillips (The Rubenstein Kiss, The White Whale) and with original music composed by singer-songwriter Rosabella Gregory (winner of New York Songwriter’s Circle Song Contest), City Stories is a magical journey through a magical city.


The stories that will be performed include:
Narcissi : In St Pancras Station Natalie plays at the open piano. A young man approaches and tells her she is the answer to the riddle of life. Can absolute love survive? Performed by Sarah Quintrell and Tom Gordon.

Occupy : Mark is a member of a special order who work beneath St Pauls Cathedral. His job to oversee the letters which people write to God. And one day a woman comes looking for an answer to her letter. performed by Scott Handy and Daphne Alexander.

Lullaby : What happens if the world starts to fall asleep, hour by hour? Performed by Daphne Alexander, Sarah Quintrell and Tom Gordon.

Carousel : Lucy meets George at the base of the great towers at Canary Wharf. He is singing her song. He asks her to go on a quest across London to save a soul. What is the truth of time and the city? Performed by Alan Cox and Louisa Clein.

Pearl : In the National Gallery, David sees the lost love of his life. Her name is Pearl. Can you see the soul through the secrecy of skin? Performed by Jay Villiers and Phoebe Sparrow.


The cast is drawn from the City Stories Company, and will include:

Alexander Hanson, Alan Cox, Scott Handy, Sarah Quintrell, Louisa Clein, Daphne Alexander, Phoebe Sparrow, Tom Gordon Gill and Jay Villiers.


‘A sublime, atmospheric and enchanting cabaret drama, with two hours of love, hope and delight… I would implore you to watch out for the next set of dates and go and see it. This show, cast, composer, writer and director are a match made in heaven!’ 

‘Rosabella Gregory’s lyrics seem almost to give London itself a voice.. Raw, informal and quietly profound.. This surprising evening of London stories for our times, linked through musical interludes, addresses the big questions of life.’ One Stop Arts


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