Comedy Club for Kids comes to Greenwich Theatre

tiernan-douiebThree top class comedians will stand up to be counted by an audience of discerning kids at a Christmas cracker special at Greenwich Theatre on Saturday morning, December 17.

The 11am show by the Comedy Club 4 Kids company returns to Greenwich after amazing feedback from two previous children’s festival shows at the theatre.

“The comedians love it themselves because the kids are so clued in. They enjoy it whether it’s on or off the rails. It’s got a great left field feel to it” said James Haddrell, Greenwich Theatre’s artistic and executive director.

In charge on stage will be the company’s MC, Tiernan Douieb – who fronted 185 shows across the UK last year – joined by Beck Hill and Howard Read from TV’s Big Howard, Little Howard. “I think our success is down to the fact that we never patronise kids and it’s a genuine stand-up comedy show that they get completely,” said Tiernan.

“Parents come along and enjoy it as well. They might have had enough of stuff like Plinky Plonky and the Magic Sock and enjoy sharing the stand-up with their kids – without the rude bits…

“The kids understand an awful lot. They might not take to jokes about the financial crisis but there’s so much that they get, and they are receptive straight away. Some adults cross their arms as if demanding to make them laugh but kids get on board straight away.

“If you’ve got a silly idea the kids will go with it much quicker than adults. There are none of the barriers you sometimes get with mums and dads, but it’s really great when you crack a joke that kids and adults laugh at the same time. The laughter is very catching so we do call it a family show.”

The kids join in too. “It usually happens after we ask them questions and the comedy comes from there,” said Tiernan. “We actually run kids’ workshops as well and some of the children who come to them are frighteningly good. There’s a girl called Grace who’s 13 and took a show to Edinburgh last year. She did four shows and got into the Telegraph’s top four jokes in the fringe.”

Comedy Club 4 Kids – Christmas Cracker Saturday, December 17, 11am. Go to for more details and ticket prices.