Wilma’s Rating [rating=4]


Constellations is the third in a series of Royal Court productions being staged at London’s Duke of Yorks Theatre. The wonderful Posh and the not quite so wonderful Jumpy have previously been staged here with Constellations ending its West End season.

The Royal Court are certainly going out with a bang! What a wonderfully powerful show Constellations is. I can see why people have been calling it the play of the year.

Two actors (Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall) play out a couples lifetime together in just over an hour.  From Marianne and Roland first meeting at a barbeque where they discuss the fact you can’t lick your own elbows, to getting married, splitting up and then eventually facing death together. The scenes are short, sharp bursts, re-in acting each scene in four or five different ways, showing the different ways things can happen. From the man admitting to having an affair, to the woman admitting having one. Then each taking the news in very different ways, Constellations looks at things from different angles in a very clever and thought-provoking way.

Five minutes for the end of the show, during a horrendously emotional scene where one half of the couple is terminally ill and contemplating euthanasia, shouting was heard from the audience and the two actors walked off stage. Someone was taken ill but after about 15 minutes the person had been removed and the show was able to continue.

Constellations really is a wonderful play that should be seen!


Constellations plays a the Duke of Yorks Theatre until 5th January 2013.

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Marianne                               Sally Hawkins
Roland                                    Rafe Spall

Creative Team:
Writer                                     Nick Payne
Director                                  Michael Longhurst
Designer                                 Tom Scutt