Cool Rider – Original Cast Recording


Cool Rider (Grease 2) follows on from the original story of Grease, with Sandy’s cousin Michael arriving in town from England for the start of the new school year. He falls for Stephanie, the leader of the Pink Ladies but quickly learns that if he wants to win her affection, he will need to make himself over into the leather-clad motorcycle riding type of man she is attracted to. Will she recognise him as Michael or think he is the man of her dreams? What will happen when the truth is finally revealed?

Cool Rider was first staged in London as a one-off special concert at the Lyric Theatre in January 2014. Following on from its success, the show went on to play a one week run at the Duchess Theatre in April 2014. Now, over a year later, the original studio recording has been made and is released today!

‘Score Tonight’ is an eargasm of brilliant harmonies with one of the catchiest tunes on the album. Ashleigh Gray gives a powerful performance of the title song ‘Cool Rider’, with all the riffs and growls that you would expect from a girl who is currently playing Elphaba on the UK tour of Wicked. Reece  Shearsmith gives a great comedic performance of ‘Reproduction’ and Aaron Sidwell sings ‘Charades’ beautifully. ‘Girl For All Seasons’ is a lovely group number by Ashleigh Gray, Hannah Levane, Bronte Barbe and Lucinda Lawrence. To be honest, all the songs are brilliant but I can’t mention them all in this review.  Well maybe just one more! ‘(Love Will) Turn Back the Hands of Time’ is a brilliant duet between Aaron Sidwell and Ashleigh Gray!

The production of this album is second to none. Brilliantly produced with a huge band, amazing harmonies and incredible vocals. These songs have been given a new lease of life, one year on since the concerts took place and it’s been well worth the wait.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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