Ctrl Alt Delete

A lot of young people today don’t give a f*** about politics. Amy Jones, on the other hand, does. 25 years old and living in Brixton, she’s got a lot of fings what she needs to talk abaht.

1 CAD FRONT London FlyerHer life’s a mess, the country’s a mess and as for the government, well… That ‘twerp’ David Cameron has a lot to answer for!

Amy Jones is one of Emma Packer’s many characters. Standing there in her leggings, high tops, baseball cap and bling, Emma has the stereotype of a ‘sahf Lahndon yoof’ down to a T, but in fact there’s more to Amy Jones than meets the eye, as she looks up to Nelson, fancies Bruce Forsyth and quotes Gandhi:

“First they ignore you, then laugh at you. Then they fight you, then you win.”

This character’s not afraid to say what she (and probably most other people) think and the message really does hit home, especially when combined with footage of the London riots and Amy’s iPod music.

Amy’s monologue is all in rhyme, a rhythmic piece that is strangely compelling even if at times some of the language is lost on the audience and occasionally she goes too fast so the Brixton accent slips.

However, although she was clearly a bit nervous (this was her first preview performance), Emma is a fabulous character actor and really believable as Amy.

No doubt when this show hits Edinburgh, it will have been tweaked and perfected and will go down a storm.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes