Curve Leicester launch Dementia friendly performances with OLIVER! on 13 January 2016

Curve Leicester have today announced their inaugural Dementia Friendly performance with Oliver! on 13th January 2016.

The idea behind the Dementia Friendly performance is to tailor the theatre experience to meet the needs of people living with Dementia, their family, friends and carers so that they the can all come along and enjoy the performance in a relaxed and supportive environment.

The Dementia Friendly Performance is another part of Curve’s lasting commitment to working with and producing theatre for everyone- a commitment that saw Curve win The Promotion of Diversity Award at this year’s UK Theatre Awards.

Curve’s Dementia Friendly performance of Oliver! will only differ in subtle ways yet, the combined effect of the changes are designed to reopen the joys of theatre to an audience who may have thought that a trip the theatre was no longer an option for them. Changes and additions can range from opening theatre doors earlier to allow theatre goers more time to take their seats, leaving the house lights on during the performance, providing quiet areas and additional signage to altering some of the sound and lighting cues in the performance itself to ensure a relaxed and secure environment for all those attending.

Staff from all departments at Curve have also volunteered to offer additional assistance on the day. The team of volunteers, all wearing Oliver! t-shirts will be on hand to offer directions, assist with seating or just sit and have a chat with audience members before, during and after the show.

Also attending on the day will be members of support group The Alzheimer’s Society.

It is hoped that this inaugural Dementia Friendly performance at Curve will be the first of many and will complement the relaxed and captioned performances already programmed by Curve.

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Photo: Pamela Raith Photography