Cyndi Lauper rewrites KINKY BOOTS song in support of Transgender Rights

A current hot topic of conversation in America is the use of public toilets for transgender men and women. Different states have different laws about whether people should be allowed to choose which bathroom they use, based on how they see their own gender identity. Recently in North Carolina a bill was passed to say that people must use the bathroom which describes the sex they were born as on their birth certificate.

When asked about his feelings on this subject, Donald Trump spoke out in support of transgender rights saying that people like Caitlyn Jenner are welcome to use which ever toilet they choose. So of course, on a recent trip to New York, Caitlyn put this theory to the test.

Take a look at how she got on:

Writer of Broadway musical Kinky Boots, Cyndi Lauper has rewritten the shows hit finale song ‘Just Be’ in support of Transgender Rights when it comes to this issue and you can watch the cast of the New York show performing the new version of the song ‘Just Pee – where you wanna pee’ right here:

Bravo to Cyndi Lauper for doing this. We have so many terrible things happening in this world right now that where you pee really shouldn’t be the biggest issue we are debating. Pee where you wanna pee.