David Ribi has Tea With Wilma about West End Fests

photoFor those who may not be familiar with you work, can you tell me about some of your career highlights?

I’ve had the pleasure of working on some great shows over the years. I spent two years playing the lead in DREAMBOATS AND PETTICOATS (West End and European Tours), last year I danced all over the country in HAIRSPRAY UK Tour, and I’m currently touring all over the world playing Niall in the UK’s number one ONE DIRECTION tribute show ‘ONLY ONE DIRECTION’. Life is good!


You are about to form as part of a One Direction tribute band ‘wrong direction’ for the West End Fests charity concert. Tell me about Wrong Direction and what people can expect to see from you at the show.

Haha… well as i mentioned before I have been parading around as a member of One direction for ages now (@Only1DMusic) so it’ll be fun to get back together with the Wrong Direction boys and see what we come up with. I hope my Only One Direction boys don’t get too jealous though 😉


If I asked your friends to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Smiley, Energetic and Cheeky!


West End Fests is always a very stagey event with a whole host of west end stars. Who else is performing at this show?

There’s always a great group of performers at West End Fests, and always a few surprises thrown in too… so you’ll have to get your tickets to see! Mwahahahaa!


If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what musical theatre role would you like to have a go at playing?

That’s easy… I think id make a fit Rafiki in the Lion King. Haha!


Do you have a favourite Musical Theatre show or song that means a lot to you?

Obviously the shows that I’ve been a part of mean a lot to me, but my big dream has always been to play Rusty in starlight some day, and ‘Starlight Sequence’ was always my guilty iPod pleasure!


If you could pick one musical theatre song to hear one of your Wrong Direction band mates sing, what would you choose?

I would LOVE to hear Adam Bailey sing the entire Dreamgirls soundtrack because he would SMASH IT!


What has been the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

I had a laugh playing Peter Pan in Croydon Panto this Xmas. We were all rigged up to fly and no show was ever the same! I got kicked in the balls by Wendy whilst singing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ at one point, leaving me dangling in the air in agony. I hit all the high notes with ease in that show though! Never a dull moment in this industry!


Thanks for having Tea With Wilma

West End Fests is on Sunday 2 March 2014 at St Pauls Actors Church in Covent Garden. Click here for tickets