Dear Lupin



51BhzrxZzgL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Dear Lupin is a hilarious, yet touching collection of letters that racing journalist Roger Mortimer wrote to his son, Charlie, over the space of 25 years, up until his final letter before he died in 1991.

Rogers letters are hilarious. Complaining constantly about his nagging wife, the boring dinner parties he has had to attend and trying to guide his son through life into a more positive direction. There are snippets of world news and the more local news of friends, family and the local people that they family have known for years. Deaths, births and twenty five years of general musings.

In a world that thrives on reality TV, gossip magazines and trawling through social media to see what menial tasks people are up to, Dear Lupin provides another media to emerge ourselves into the lives of others. They aren’t necessarily more interesting than our own lives but we like to be nosey and hear about it all anyway. This book is literally a published diary of letters that were never meant to be seen by anyone by tphoto 2-2he recipient. With Roger having passed away in 1991, his son Charlie has decided to now publish these letters for the public to enjoy. It would have been nice if the book gave slightly more context from son Charlie around each of the letters and what he was actually doing in situ with when the letters were written.

The book has been adapted for the stage and after completing a successful tour of the UK, will play at the Apollo Theatre from 30 July until 19 September 2015. The play will star father and son James and Jack Fox who will take on the roles of Roger and his son Charlie.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

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