Do we loathe or love people who film during theatre shows?

Mobile phones are the biggest frustration to regular theatre-goers lives, constantly being riled up by having the person next to them checking their Facebook every ten minutes and distracting their eyes from the action taking place on stage. Despite announcements being told that no mobile phones or recording equipment should be used, this rarely stops people.

There are a million articles out there about the impropper use of mobile phones during shows, however are we more accepting of the people who use them for our benefit, to film videos? We know it is illegal to film a performance due to copyright reasons and for that reason alone it should never be done. However, we can’t pretend that there aren’t thousands of videos online where people have gone against the rules and taped moments of live performance for people to enjoy at home.

I’ve luckily never been sat at the theatre and seen someone filming the show but we all know it happens. We know it is wrong and most of us would never do it ourselves. We frown upon it, but at the same time, spend our evenings trawling through YouTube videos, watching rare live performances that have been captured by audience members.

There is no denying that we both loathe and love these secret video recorders. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have so many historical theatre moments available for us to watch. It’s a real mind boggler of a situation where I believe it is totally inexcusable but am also grateful that these things exist. I just hope Im never sat near someone who is filming a show.

West End Wilma