Dorothy In Oz

Wilma’s Rating [rating=3]

When Dorothy utters her first words, and they are ‘Shut the fuck up Toto’, you realise this is going to be quite a show.

Set in a mental institute, where Dorothy has been committed with bipolar (a disorder that never really seems to make an appearance), we see a very different side to the story of The Wizard of Oz that we all know.

Dorothy’s Councillor, Miss Good (Glinda) believes that their problems can be cured through positive thoughts therapy, whereas her doctor (the wicked witch of the west wing) thinks a new series of experimental drugs is worth a try.

Dorothy is convinced she does not need to be in the hospital and so sets off down the corridors in search of the man in charge, Oz. She meets a series of characters along the way who accompany her on the journey. A heroin addict in a goth band whose stage name is SKarekrow (with two K’s), Rusty (a man with anger issues and unsurprisingly an axe) and a sex maniac Mr Lyons.

Dorothy in Oz is a very cleverly written production that will excite any Wicked or Wizard of Oz fan with its interesting take on things, however the regular viewing public may leave the show scratching their heads and wondering if they have been watching a fringe show or a school production.

Credit must be given for the musical interludes used during the play which are more rock orientated versions of the well known Wizard of Oz classics.

There is a lot of potential within the show but is sadly lost in the amateur feel of it all leaving you wanting to click your heels together and wish you were anywhere but there.


Dorothy in Oz plays at London’s Waterloo East Theatre until 17th March 2013