Dracula 2012

The concept of putting on a show (especially one about vampires) in a church is great. Churches have a perfect sense of eerie calmness to them and so seeing this on Halloween sounded perfect to me!

Sadly, Dracula 2012 was a real disappointment. Bringing actors and props into a church and putting a couple of people up above with follow spot lights does not constitute putting on a show. There was no stage and because churches don’t have pitched seats, I had no idea what was happening on stage most of the time.

People were repeatedly standing up to try to see what was happening (and some girls even decided to sit on the top of their seats to boost themselves up).

I feel bad because of the amount of work that will have gone into this show but sadly there isn’t much that I can say. From what I heard, it sounded good and I am in no way discrediting the actors performances (I am just unable to review them).

A wonderful concept that sadly wasn’t thought out properly.