Drag Divas


Baga Chipz is one of the stars of Drag Divas. A live celebration to the worlds greatest Divas -with a difference they are all fellas. The show features over two hours of all your favourite divas Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Beyonce,Etta James, Kylie, Madonna, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Shirley Bassey and many many more.

Featuring a company of top vocalist/dancers this realy is a must see thgis Spring. The show will run for  four weeks at Londons swanky Green Carnation Cabaret venue in April.

Baga Chipz took a few minutes out of her day to tell Wilma about the show.


Tell me about the Drag Divas show and what people can expect if they come to see it.

Drag divas is a fun packed show with sequins, big wigs, make up and glamour. A live vocal drag show impersonating and paying tribute to the greatest musical divas of all time.


From seeing the show last year, it looks like there is quite a lot of improvisation that goes on (one of you took my wine out of my hand and drank it… all!) Have there ever been any funny/awful moments on stage?

Mrs Moore who is compere and binds the show together is the queen of improvisation and had the audience in stitches.. One show i did I had to change backstage from ginger spice into Cher I have a good 8 minutes so can relax. As we use head mics I took my head mic off to change my wig and totally forgetting went onstage without my head Mic.. Mrs Moore had to run on with a hand held mic..


Who is your favourite musical diva and if you met them what would you ask?

Jane Mcdonald.. I would just ask about her mom and how’s things up north and if she could get me tickets for Loose Women. She is the hand that leads me.


Do you have a favourite musical theatre show/song?

Broadway Baby/ Follies


What is the worst west end show you’ve ever seen?

Viva Forever. As an avid Spice Girl fan it supplied non of the girl power or Anarchy the five girls had represented back in the 90’s. Very Disappointing.


With so many new shows coming to London and on tour in 2013, what are you most looking forward to seeing?

The Book Of Mormon.. All I’ve heard is amazing feed back.


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