REVIEW: DRAG – Live in Soho! (Jack Solomon’s Club) ★★★★

Saturday night I went to see performances from HERR, Ophelia Love, Cheryl Hole, Kitty Scott Claus, Tayce and Ashley Foxx At the ‘Live In Soho’ show at Jack Solomon’s, produced by Tuckshop. I’ve seen these queens perform before, but I felt they had found the next level this time.

If you’re looking for a bar with atmosphere accompanied by the pop-up of lip sync drag performances, this is winner. The show doesn’t advertise it’s self as a seated event, and for not even having a stage to perform on, I felt these queens were true professionals – even death dropping onto the concrete floor! The variety of content to the show is good too. It’s offers retro classic sounds from Janet Jackson to cult musical performances from shows such as SIX, well suiting its soho setting – all of these reasons are why I’ve given it four stars.

The audience were lapping it up, perhaps this had something to do from having entry since 6pm to the venue and the first performances not starting until just after 10.30pm- but it warranted the warm response. Although I was confused to see about a fifth of the audience leave before the second act.

It was also lovely to see queens mingling with the audience between acts – down to earth and not pretentious. The over all vibe of this ‘speak easy’ venue was really one to remember – and in a higher end venue to the usual…sticky floored venues (which I still love). I’d hope to see more of this about soho and London, with an even further variety of content, and if the UK drag race has any success (fingers firmly crossed) I feel we have a lot more in store. Yassss!

Finally I have to mention the first performance by Tayce. Not only did this queen make an entrance to every track, the dancing alone was jaw dropping. I have a strong feeling she will be on our TV screens before too long, and if so, you heard it here first.

Reviewed by Benjamin Martin


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