Drayton Arms Theatre launch ‘Eddies’ to award the best of Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Furthering its aim to help new and emerging theatre companies to stage their work in a supportive and cost effective environment on the London Fringe scene, the Drayton Arms Theatre has launched the Drayton Arms Eddies – a new award for shows performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, with a top prize of a three-week London transfer at the Drayton Arms with technical support and generous marketing thrown in and 100% of the box office for the winning company.

Launching the scheme, Artistic Director Antonio Ferrara said:

“The Edinburgh Fringe plays host to hundreds of fascinating and innovative companies every year, but it’s increasingly expensive, and it can be hard for new companies to get their voices heard, especially by London venues.

“We’ve created the Drayton Arms Eddies to enable three companies to remount their Edinburgh success with an immediate London transfer at no cost. 100% of ticket sales go to the winning company.

“Companies can self-nominate, bring themselves to our team’s attention and give themselves a fighting chance to transfer into what we aim to be the most vibrant and supportive venue for new companies on the London fringe scene.

“In offering this award, we are indebted to our arts marketing partner Impact, print media partner Urban Design and Print and the generosity of the Drayton Arms Pub for all their support in making what we believe to be the highest potential-value prize for theatre companies at Edinburgh. A well-marketed three week run at the Drayton Arms could bring in up to £3500 in box office revenue.

“My team and I are extremely excited to see the shows emerging from Edinburgh 2016 and bringing the cream of the crop down to London. I cannot encourage companies enough to ensure that they apply before the August 15 deadline  www.thedraytonarmstheatre.co.uk/eddies”