DREAMGIRLS gets five Whats On Stage Awards nominations (and it’s not even opened yet!)

img_7762Today, the nominees were announced for the 2017 Whats On Stage awards which will take place on 19 February 2017 at the Prince of Wales Theatre. You can read the full list of nominees here.

I’m not going to talk about all of the nominations right now but there is one big question that has come out of all of this which is “How has DREAMGIRLS been nominated for five awards when it doesn’t officially open in the West End for another two weeks?”

The nominations for the Whats On Stage awards are all decided by the general public, who choose who they want to see shortlisted for an award. All recognition is good recognition when it comes to awards as everyone works hard in theatre but sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking!

Voting for the What’s On Stage Awards opened to the public on 24 October 2016 and closed on 24 November 2016. The public had a whole month to vote for who they wanted to see shortlisted in each category. DREAMGIRLS has its first preview on 19 November 2016, just five days before voting for the awards closed!

How can people have been voting for a whole month for a show that they haven’t even seen yet? It’s a bizarre notion that theatre fans have been voting for shows that haven’t opened in the West End yet!

If this is truly the way the nominees have been decided (and I have been assured that it is), then it begs the question “should the general public be given the power to decide who gets shortlisted for awards if they are going to vote for shows that haven’t even opened yet?”

Have you seen DREAMGIRLS yet? Did you vote for them in any of the categories for this years Whats on Stage Award? I’d love to hear why so many people loved the show so much that they’ve managed to submit so many votes in such a short amount of time!

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