Face The Music – Ye Olde Rose and Crown



Face The Music ImageFace the Music is the 1932 political musical that tells the story of corruption. Hal Reisman is trying to put on a Broadway show but because of the state the world is in, no one is prepared to help fund it. Luckily for Hal, a group of Irish police men have a stash of cash they need to get rid of and they are convinced to put their money into the show which is sure to be a flop. The show is indeed a flop and gets closed down but the media buzz that surrounds the closure causes the show to actually become a hit.

There are some nice songs in the show but it’s not the greatest score ever written. The finale to act 1 ‘If You Believe’ is a great show stopping number performed by Myrtle with great ensemble backing. Laurel Dougall plays Myrtle and is one of the best performers in this show. The star name in this show is Strictly Come Dancing dancer Joanne Clifton as the Street Walker. Her dancing is impressive and is a nice part of the show to watch, however she has very little else to do in the show apart from dance.

Ye Olde Rose and Crown is a nice intimate space in Walthomstow but this huge production, with many song and dance numbers did feel a little too adventurous for the size of the venue. The costumes in this show are lovely and all of the actors give 100% to what they are doing. Unfortunately there were some sound issues which made it hard to follow parts of the story and the drums sometimes drowned out the singing (Roof In Manhattan).

Face The Music is a nice little Irving Berlin show but doesn’t showcase his best work. Perhaps that is why it has taken untl now to give this show it’s UK premiere.

Reviewed by West End Wilma

Face The Music is playing at Ye Olde Rose and Crown until 3 July 2015. Click here for tickets