Farragut North

Wilma’s Rating *****


Farragut North opened at London’s Southwark Playhouse last week, attracting a lot of attention because of one particular cast member, Rachel Tucker. Having just released a solo album ‘The Reason’, this is Rachel’s first show since leaving the West Ends biggest show Wicked where she played the leading lady role of Elphaba.

Farragut North shows the dirty side of politics. Written by Beau Willimon in 2008 the show is loosely based around the 2004 democratic primary of Howard Dean which shows how if you want to win something badly enough, you can find a way to mislead everyone and manipulate those involved to eat out of the palm of your hand.

Produced by Peter Huntley, in association with Daniel Krupnik and Southwark Playhouse, Farragut North is directed by Guy Unsworth. The shows cast shine as a solid group of actors with no weak link in the chain. Max Irons plays the role of Stephen, Rachel Tucker as Ida and Shaun Williamson (perhaps best known for playing Barry in Eastenders), Josh O’Connor, Alain Terzoli and Andrew Whipp.

Rachel Tucker really does hold her own in Farragut North. This has been a brave move for her to come out of one of the biggest musical theatre roles and into probably one of the most serious plays you can find around at the moment. But she pulls it off and after five minutes on stage, the green disappears from her face and you watch her performance as Rachel Tucker and not Elphaba.

The star of the show is Aysha Kala, who’s portrayal of the intern (who seduces men to get what she wants) is played with passion and effortlessness.

A five star show that is brilliantly written and acted. Even if you aren’t a fan of political dramas (like me), I am sure you would still enjoy this show, I certainly did. And at only £16 per ticket, this really is one not to miss.


Farragut North plays at the Southwark Playhouse until October 5th 2013.