Fascinating Aida

Southbank centre

Playing until Friday 10th January 2014

Fascinating Aida are back and more offensive then ever. The three muskerteers of comedy cabaret present an all new show entitled ‘Charm Offensive’. This 2 hour show is an outrageously funny and severely addictive piece of theatre which really lives up to it’s title.

The trio which consists of Liza Pulman, Adele Anderson and Dillie Keane do a superb job at keeping the audience in stitches of laughter whilst maintaining a fluidity of the show which could only be described as perfection.

As an audience we were treated to many a song with my favorites being songs about Dogging, cheap flights and a very special Christmas song to close the show. Act 1 and Act 2 both open with a Monty Pyhton/Little Britain styled commentator through the speakers whilst we stared at a very minimalistic set. This set the perfect tone to the evening and put the house in good spirits and got them excited about what was going to come next.

The crowning glory of the show has to be the enthralling song ‘Down with the Kids/We are forever young’. I could happily and willingly sit and watch these three fabulous ladies perform this track over and over again untill the cows come home. Another stand out factor is the writing and dialogue between the songs. Somehow all three of them seem to take the mickey out of everyone and everything just enough that they end up offending nobody.

Fascinating Aida have recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and I speak for a lot of people when I say that I can’t wait for their 60th anniversary (where I will make sure I get a front row seat). If you want a fun night out with your friends then I can’t recommend this show enough. Just be careful not to spit all your red wine over the person’s head in front of you as you do so.

Reviewed by Jamie Chapman Dixon