Fruit Fly

Wilma’s Rating [rating=5]

He may only be 4ft 11 but Leslie Jordan is a huge bundle of comedy genius.

In his new stand up show, Fruit Fly, Leslie asks the question “Do gay men really become their mothers?”. 90 minutes of hilarious anecdotes about his childhood and coming out process, in a time when gay people were not accepted. Luckily he didn’t take his mothers advice of going and living a quiet life somewhere and has used his comedy writing as a form of therapy, battling the most heart wrenching of demons.

His story is told through a series of photographs Leslie found at his mothers house from his childhood, in which he instantaneously saw the story of his life in front of him. Any gay man will be able to relate to Leslie’s story and the tasteful, yet powerful way it is told.

When you meet Leslie, he is just as much of a character as you see on stage. Greeting you with a huge hug and genuinely interested in finding out more about you over a cup of tea (as well as telling you all about himself). I could have sat there for hours listening to his captivating stories.

Leslie is performing at the Leicester Square Theatre until Saturday and I can’t recommend enough you go and see his heart warming, hilarious show while it is here. He may have won an Emmy Award for his role in the hit TV series Will and Grace, where he was knowing for his insulting jibes at Karen Walker, but he deserves another award for his new show Fruit Fly.

I shall ever be in awe of the truly inspirational man that is Leslie Jordan.

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