Gareth Gates

Gareth Gates will be starring in Momentous Musicals at New Wimbledon Theatre on 17 July. Gareth sat down to have Tea With Wilma to talk about the upcoming show. Take a look at what he had to say, below.

1. Can you tell me about Momentous Musicals and what people can expect from the show if they come to see it

Momentous Musicals celebrates the best Music from some of the best West End and Broadway shows. These shows include, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Wicked, Joseph etc. We’re very fortunate that we have some very talented West End stars performing these songs, what’s more they’ve all performed in most of these shows.

Audiences can expect an entertainment filled evening with songs that they will all know and love.

2. Many people will know you from the roles you have played but how would you describe yourself as a person (in 5 words or less)?

Hard working, driven, but fun!

3. Do you have any pre show rituals that you have found yourself getting into over the years?

I can’t perform without washing my hands! I’m slightly OCD!

4. If you could be the opposite sex for a day, what theatre character would you like to play?

Elphaba from Wicked! I reckon I’d look good Green! And would love to belt out “so if you care to find me” on a broom!

5. Do you have any dream roles you are yet to fulfil?

I’d love to play Chris in ‘Miss Saigon’ I’ll be singing “Why God Why” in the show, it’s one of my favourite songs from the Musical. I had the pleasure of working with the writer of Miss Saigon, Claude Michel Schoenberg when I played Marius in the brand new 25th Anniversary version of Les Mis, he really inspired me.

6. Have there been any funny/awful moment that have happened to you on stage that you would like to tell me about?

As Marius I climbed over the Rue Plumet gates a few times to find no Cosette waiting for me!!!
I won’t mention any names… But singing “A heart full of Love” to myself was quite hilarious / tragic!

7. What theatre show would you like to see make a comeback and why?

‘Miss Saigon’ because the Music is just incredible. And I’d love to see the helicopter again!

8. What was the last show you saw (apart from the one you are in) and what did you think of it?

“Lion king” I hadn’t seen it up until recently but was dragged there by my four year old daughter Missy, it was amazing! Both me and Missy were in floods of tears throughout, such a spectacle of a show. I highly recommend it!

9. Do you have an all-time favourite Musical Theatre song?

“For Good” from ‘Wicked’ my best friend first played me this song years ago and ever since then the lyrics have always meant a lot to me. I’ll be singing this in the show too.

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