Gender swapping at ALADDIN

Based on the 1992 Disney film and featuring a mixture of new music and classic songs, Aladdin tells the story of a down on his luck boy called Aladdin who lives on the streets. When he bumps into a beautiful girl called Jasmine he falls immediately for her, unaware that she is a Princess who has escaped from the Palace. Unable to marry the Princess unless he is a Prince, Aladdin stumbles across a magic lamp with a Genie inside, who must grant him three wishes. But will Aladdin use his wishes to change the world for the better and free the Genie of the shackles of his lamp, or will he make himself a Prince so he can win the love of the Princess.

Due to illness, Nathan Amzi, who plays Babkak in the London production of Aladdin was unable to perform on Thursday last week. Leon Craig who covers the roles of the Genie and Babkak had to go on as Genie in place of Trevor Dion Nicholas leaving no Babkak cover. So, Michelle Hopewell took on the role and the role of Babkak was gender swapped!

Aladdin has been selling out most nights, since it opened in June 2016. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? I ran a survey this week asking what people think of the show (as I have been reading some very mixed audience reviews) and 63% of people who have seen the show have loved it, whilst 36% of those who have seen it, left disappointed.

Have you seen the West End production of Aladdin? Did it live up to all your expectations or did you find it nothing more than a glorified (and expensive) pantomime?

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