Ghost Stories

‘Ghost Stories’ has finally returned to the West End after successfully terrifying over 300,000 people since it first opened. Now almost three years has gone past and it could not have picked a better venue than the intimate Arts Theatre in Leicester Square, as the setting to make its return.

Mark Dyson and Andy Nyman were determined to write a scary theatre show, ‘the kind of show they always wanted to see, ever since they were kids’, and it seems like they have hit the nail right on the head. The production value of this show is through the roof and you can see every detail was thought out to the tee.

The absence of an interval in this 80-minute show seems fit as it makes you see the production as an entity without having to zone out and back in again. The lack of posters outside the theatre (there were just photos of the audience’s reactions rather than the scenes of the actual play) also really helps with the whole mystery element that ‘Ghost Stories’ is trying to portray.

Several cast members stood out for me but no one could grab my attention more than Paul Kemp. Paul is scarily convincing as Professor Goodman who breaks the fourth wall and gives you a lecture on the supernatural, that puts a cold shiver down your spine. Throughout some very efficient set changes, combined with exceptional performances by all five actors, you see three stories/cases unfolding in front of your very eyes, and trust me when I say that whether you are a horror-buff or not, you will not want to look away for a second.

Loud noises, long pauses, repetition and flickering lights are only a few of the elements that are used to get your adrenaline pumping. Overall the show is very ‘jumpy’ so I would suggest you are not holding any drinks unless you want to see your partner wearing them.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, one thing is for sure, ‘Ghost Stories’ will have you convinced in no time!


Reviewed by Dimitrios Raptidis 

Ghost Stories plays at the Arts Theatre until 24 May 2014. Click here for tickets