Gods Property

Rating [rating=5] Reviewed by Jamie Chapman-Dixon

Gods Property is a new piece of theatre which had its world premiere at Soho Theatre on the 26th February 2013. Written by Arinze Kene, directed by Michael Burrong and a superb set by Ellen Cairns.

The first thing you notice as you walk in to take your seats is the incredibly realistic kitchen set with beautiful detail, from the boiling of the kettle all the way down to last nights dinner stains on the hob. You could instantly tell this was not going to be set in a nice neighbourhood and that happy memories weren’t about to be portrayed on stage.

The story behind Gods Property is a sensationally written (I take my hat off to Arinze Kene) piece, with such detail it reminds you of the beauty and artistic knowledge of Quentin Tarantino. The story is about a young mixed race family who don’t quite fit into early 80’s life. I don’t want to give too much away, as I truly believe everyone should go and see this moving piece of drama.

Kingsley Ben-Adir could not be faulted as the older brother character Chima. He suited the part perfectly with a truly believable performance that made everyone feel the pain his character had been through.

Ash Hunter as Onochie gave such a mature performance that you wouldn’t believe he graduated in 2011. He played off of Kingsley brilliantly and gave such a thought provoking meaning to everything he said.

Ria Zmitrowicz gave us laughter in what is otherwise quite a dark play, with her character Holly. You wanted to love her character but that all changes as you get closer to the finale.

Bradley Garner was only seen in the last few moments of the play but that was all he needed to leave his imprint on the show as the not so charming Liam. He was flawless.

As you may of guessed, I thoroughly enjoyed the show to the point I would happily go and watch it again. I feel like you could watch this show 30 times and learn something new each time.

God’s Property is a piece of theatre that is pure magic and is a show that should last the ages.

God’s Property plays at Soho theatre until 23rd March 2013. Click here for more information and to book tickets.

1hr 30 minutes no interval.