Horrible Histories – Barmy Britain (Part 3) – Garrick Theatre

BARMY BRITAIN 3 at the Garrick Theatre, London, Britain - 24 July 2015Horrible Histories live on stage present Barmy Britain (part 3) with the disclaimer that you don’t need to have seen parts one and two in order to enjoy this show. That’s lucky because I hadn’t but after seeing this show I wish I had!

In just over an hour, the two performers take the audience on a Monty Python esq journey through history (from the bear eating Stone Age through to World War Two), teaching children (and adults) of times gone by. With colourful costumes the boys play dress-up, recreating all the historic figures they are talking about.

The audience are taught a very catchy song, learning that towns ending with the same letters  (Derby, Rugby etc) were a way of indicating whether you were a Roman, a Saxon or a Viking. I have always thought the Magna Carta was a boat but in this show I learnt that it was an agreement signed by King John in 1215 agreeing to a protection of human rights. From the Puritans to the outbreak of the great fire of london (caused by the Great British Bake Off) we learn so much in this short show.

Clever, funny and educational in a way that children probably don’t even realise. Shows like this make you wonder if the education system could learn a few things about how to teach children through fun and games. Highly recommended for children and adults of all ages!

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Jane Hobson

Horrible Histories – part 3 is playing at the Garrick Theatre until 5 September 2015. Click here for tickets