House Of Burlesque

hobWatching the House of Burlesque is like looking at an open box of delicious chocolates. A little voice whispers, “Go on, no one’s watching, have a tempting morsel.” “Oh no!”, you cry. “I couldn’t possibly watch these decadent ladies saunter about the stage!” But resistance is futile. Miss Tempest Rose and her delectable ladies are impossible not to watch and magnetically draw you in.

The London Wonderground is the perfect setting for these saucy ladies. A vintage circus inspired big top, filled with hustle and bustle, the London Wonderground is the closest we’ll ever get to the vaudeville days of old. Set in the round with a raised platform in the middle, this is the perfect space for burlesque as it doesn’t matter where you sit, you’re sure for a good view.

Led by the delectable Miss Tempest Rose, the House of Burlesque is a collection of individual artists who join together for some rather cheeky group numbers. The most wonderful thing about these girls is their confidence in their own sexiness. Forget Hollywood’s wooden stick style of sexiness, these girls are as luscious and creamy as a crème brulee. But by no means are they passive items to be ogled at! These girls have personality oozing from their pores and they command the stage with a flick of their toes.

Although all the artists left the audience begging for more, there were a few acts that stood out because of their originality and sheer nerve! Lolo Brow’s hilarious homage to Nigella Lawson was inspired and proved that to succeed in Burlesque you need a sense of humour, as well as a well fitting corset! Jo Foley’s aerial silks routine is utterly mesmerising and induces gasps of shock and rapturous applause from the audience. Surprisingly, the male artist Esquire de Lune was just as intriguing to watch as the gorgeous girls. Performing a fresh take on the traditional feather fans routines, he pulsated with sensuality without ever becoming tacky.

I implore you. Nay, I beseech you, if you’re torn between heading to a multiplex cinema to watch the latest shoot-em up or making that little extra effort to head south of the river, do it. The House of Burlesque are sure to give you a tantalising evening of sauciness and seduction.

Reviewed by Roz Carter