Hypnosis Show VIVA HYPONSIS comes to Leicester Square Theatre

simon-warner-hypnotist-the-guide-liverpoolStage Hypnosis has been away from the West End Stage for 15 years
Now it’s back, but with a big difference…

Stage Hypnotist, Simon Warner is set to bring the first Comedy Hypnosis show to West End theatre in 15 years, the last show having been performed by the legendary Paul McKenna. ‘Viva Hypnosis’ comes to Leicester Square Theatre on Monday 19th December – Tuesday 20th December 2016.

This short West End stint is planned to whet the appetite of London audiences ahead a planned longer run in 2017.

‘Viva Hypnosis’ comes to the West End following highly successful shows all over the world including, Las Vegas, The Caribbean, Orlando and sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Definitely not your ‘ordinary’ hypnosis show, audience members can expect to be transported to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, where they have the opportunity to be the star of the show.

On this exhilarating hypnotic journey down the Las Vegas strip, audience members will hear spooky stories of creepy dummies in abandoned casinos, see what happens when aliens invade the Las Vegas Strip and witness volunteers replacing the cast of a top Vegas show for the night…

With professional dance troupe, the NTrancers to truly evoke that Vegas experience, audience members are taken to a world where anything is possible – all through the power of hypnosis. All this is set to a stomping score of hand-clapping, feet-tapping, sing-along tunes, dazzling lights and a set of mesmerising full-stage visuals.

Throughout his career, Simon has hypnotised over 5,000 people all over the world, combining comedy, hypnotism and technology to produce all singing, all dancing, all immersive shows.

Simon’s passion is to make a very distinct departure from ‘traditional’ comedy hypnotism, moving away from the slightly disreputable shows of old, adding high level production values and bringing a wealth of knowledge, skills and sense of humour in order to create a fresh new, innovative, interactive and of course, hypnotic form of entertainment.

Warner’s shows move towards a far more warm and inclusive form of entertainment than traditional ‘old hat’ hypnosis shows; along with the added stage presence of dancers, music, fibre optic props, costumes, full-stage projections and more, ’Viva Hypnosis’ is entirely void of audience members and volunteers being made fun of or made to feel embarrassed.

There’s no eating onions, no clucking like a chicken, no airing embarrassing dirty laundry – the humour comes from the interaction between the volunteers and from their adventures on their hypnotic journey down the Las Vegas strip.

Everyone on stage is there because they want to be – nobody is ever coerced to get up on stage – although there’s never a shortage of willing volunteers…

Audience members can choose how they want to experience the show; whether they sit back, relax and enjoy the experience as a spectator, or take part and revel in being one of the stars on stage for the night.

Simon says, “I am extremely excited to be bringing ‘Viva Hypnosis’ to London’s West End. There are a lot of old negative misconceptions surrounding hypnosis as an art form, and it’s time that things changed- it’s long overdue. I want to show people that it can be a fun, entertaining and hilarious night out for everyone. I hope that London audiences are as excited by the show as we are about bringing it to them.”

VIVA HYPNOSIS plays at Leicester Square Theatre from 19-20 December 2016