I Sing! Musical to play at the Drayton Arms Theatre

i singA musical about coming of age in New York City, a hilarious, honest and heart warming musical that centres around five people learning about who they are, love, loss, sex and friendship.

There’s the supposed happy couple, the best friend with a secret crush, the fun loving single city girl and her gay best friend questioning his sexuality.

All the characters intertwine and as one character says “everyone knows
everyone where ever you go, New York’s the biggest little town I know”
Alan is a Jewish boy who tried his hand at showbiz and failed. He recently broke up with his girlfriend and is staying with his friends Nick and Heidi, who he is secretly in love with.
Heidi is the perfect girlfriend but wants more from her stubborn and aloof boyfriend Nick. She’s a real daddy’s girl with body issues and turns to Alan for comfort when her relationship fails and father falls ill.

Nicky is your typical macho guy who loves Heidi but is scared of commitment and bails on the relationship to have a fling with the sex loving hot bar girl Pepper. He has daddy issues and finds it hard to accept he needs to grow up and be an adult.

Pepper is the fun loving, sex fuelled, single city girl. She has worked every job from a temp worker to bar girl, to cage dancer and more. She lives with her gay best friend Charlie and uses her body and sexuality to get what she wants in life when deep down she really seeks love.
And Charlie is a single gay guy struggling with his sexuality and thinking he has feelings for his best friend Pepper. He is a trust fund kid and struggles to make real relationships and come to terms with who he really is.

I sing! Is a roller-coaster journey of fun, hilarity and laughs with songs about awkward sex situations, self image issues, and drinking games. But also a heartfelt reflection of relatable issues such as loss, relationship problems, and fear of not finding love.

It is a musical comedy that takes you on a journey with these five characters making you laugh and cry with them as you watch them grow into themselves. It’s Friends and Will & Grace meets the contemporary musical stylings of The Last 5 Years, Ordinary Days and Avenue Q. Filled with comedy songs, power ballads, amazing harmonies and goose bump inducing emotion. Come discover the journey for yourself, you won’t want to miss it.

Heidi – Malindi Freeman (@malindi_freeman)
Pepper – Eleanor Sandars (@Ellie_Sandars)
Nicky – Steffan Lloyd-Evans (@slloydevans)
Charlie – Louie Westwood (@louiewestwood92)
Alan – Daniel Mack Shand (@dannymack88)

Tickets are currently on sale through the ticket source website at
www.ticketsource.co.uk/ising they are £15 full price and £12 concessions.