Idina Menzel asks fans to let her New Years Eve performance go

Idina Menzel celebrated New Years eve by performing in the middle of Times Square, New York in front of huge crowds. Idina has shot to superstardom recently since the film Frozen was released featuring the song Let It Go which has become an anthem for the world. Adverts are now using the strap line “Idina Menzel – voice of Frozen” rather than listing her hugely successful theatre and television credits such as originating the role of Elphaba in Wicked.

Idina’s New Year’s Eve performance of the smash hit song Let It Go was broadcast live on American TV and has become the hot topic of conversation in the past 24 hours with fans saying Idinas voice was far from perfect.

Watch the performance below and see what you think.


IMG_4500.JPGIdina’s reaction to online comments about the performance was to simply post a quote from an interview she had done recently which said “I am more than the notes I hit”.

What ever your opinion of Idina Menzel, she certainly knows how to whip up a social media frenzy with the things she does. She is her own best marketing machine and good or bad she always ends up coming out on top. With a show on Broadway, a new Christmas album and a world tour planned for 2015, whether the cold bothers her or not, she is doing something right!