I’m writing a book!

img_7762It’s nearly 6.30pm and I’ve just realised that I haven’t written a blog today! Last week I vowed to write a blog a day from now on (I didn’t do any at the weekend as I couldn’t be bothered and decided I could just not do any at the weekends and that would be acceptable so FYI I won’t be writing blogs at the weekends!)

I haven’t really been on social media today and so haven’t really got much idea of what the latest news and gossip has been. If you have noticed that I have been a big quieter than usual some days recently there is a reason why and as you may have guessed from the subject of this blog, I am writing a book!

I’ve been taking time as often as I can to work on the mammoth task that is the story of my life. Who am I? Where did I come from? How did I get in to blogging and of course some very funny stories about the last five years running around the West End being stagey!

I’m only around one quarter of the way through the book (which I think is still a massive achievement) and so don’t expect it to be out any time soon but that is what I have been focusing on doing today which is why I’ve only just realised I haven’t written anything else or really had a look at whats been going on online.

Tomorrow I will be out and about and so will hopefully have something a bit more interesting to tell you about.

Let me know what you want me to blog about next on social media Facebook Twitter or you can email me wilma@westendwilma.com. Most excitingly of all you can write me an old fashioned letter now as well to my new PO Box address (PO Box 73609, London, SE13 9EE).