Impossible – Noel Coward Theatre

ImpossibleIn preparation for going to see a magic show I spent some time on YouTube and was mortified to find videos called ‘when magic tricks go wrong’ showing how dangerous tricks really can be. A woman actually accidentally being sawn in half and even an arrow missing the target and being fired into the glamorous assistants head. Not recommended viewing for most people but it really brings home the message that these people risk their lives to entertain us.

Luckily nothing like this happened when I went to see Impossible, now playing at the Noel Coward Theatre. A well produced night of theatre and magic with huge video screens, music and lighting which feels like you are watching a Las Vegas spectacular (with several scantily clad young ladies as  magicians assistants). The show covers it all. From mind readers to escapologists, people making sports cars disappear and a full sized helicopters appear. There is something here for everyone.

Jonathan Goodwin hanging upside down trying to escape from a straitjacket whilst being on fire is certainly impressive. And then cooling himself down by escaping from
a box full of water (whilst handcuffed). Jamie Allan attempts to bring in new tricks using technology and lighting and whilst he deserves praise for trying to do something new, these tricks are probably the least exciting of all in the show. Ali Cook performs some good card tricks that always go down well although London magician could give him a petty good run for his money! Mind reader Chris Cox provides the comedy for the evening, bouncing around the stage trying (sometimes successfully) to tell what people are thinking. The real magic though is performed by Luis de Matos whose grand illusions leave the audience mystified.

There is a lot of exciting magic in this show. The most impressive trick of the night is one the audience performs themselves, from the comfort of their own seat. I won’t tell you what it is but it is worth the ticket price alone as really does leave you mystified.

Impossible is a great night of entertainment for all types of people. Kids and adults alike will be amazed by the death defying tricks performed on stage and even though there isn’t a lot we’ve never seen before, you have to include the old favourites I suppose and they are favourites for a reason.

Reviewed by West End Wilma
Photo: Helen Maybanks

Impossible is playing at the Noel Coward Theatre until 29 August 2015. Click here to book tickets