In Vogue – songs by Madonna

Playing at St James Studio until Sunday 22nd December 2013.

When Michael Griffiths looks in to your eyes, over the piano (and his steaming tea pot), it is hard to not be reduced to a giggling mess. It is almost erotic and can make even an old lady like me feel 17 again. I guess you could say it’s just human nature. As he wiggles his way around the piano stool you can see that this man is in his element.

In Vogue – songs by Madonna is an hour long romp through Madonnas back catalogue, taking us in chronological order through her life. We even get treated to a hilarious look through Madonnas private photo album (the Sex Book). Cleverly, certain topics, like songs Madonna sang for films, are grouped together into one medley, allowing the maximum number of Madonna hits to be covered in a short space of time.

Michael Griffiths is obviously a super fan paying homage to his idol. But In Vogue – songs by Madonna is so much more. This is a man who can sing and would give Tori Amos a run for her money when it comes to playing the piano.

A couple of weeks ago I was criticised for a cabaret show I reviewed, for saying it had no structure. To those people I say go and watch In Vogue – songs by Madonna this weekend and then tell me I was wrong. Michael Griffiths knows how to put on a show and I wonder if Madonna herself will be slipping in to the St James Studio this weekend to hear some beautiful arrangements of her songs and to have a good old laugh at herself. Go on Madge, you know you want to!

Reviewed by West End Wilma