Cai Brigden talks love and quantum physics in ENTROPY at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Name: Cai Brigden
Name of Edinburgh show: Entropy
Venue: Perth Theatre @theSpace on Northbridge
Performance time: 11.45 am
Show length: 1hr
Ticket price: £9

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your performing background?
I’ve been a prefessional actor since leaving Guildhall in 2011. I’ve work in Theatre (west end) TV and Film. Most recently I’ve finished filming Stephen Poliakoff’s new BBC drama Summer Of Rockets.
In the last few years, I’ve been involved with Soho Theatre’s SYC, writing comedy sketch and stand up – as well as writing my first play.

Tell me about your show, what it is all about?
Entropy is about Love and Quantum Physics. It follows a physicist trying to find a new theory that can tie together relativity and quantum mechanics, while being thrown back and forwards in time by the memories of a past relationship.
It’s bizarre and beautiful. At it’s core, I’d say it’s a play about rationalising feelings and how far that gets you.

How long have you been working on this show and what is it that makes it relevant to audiences in 2018?
I wrote the full length play over the course of 3 years. But for Edinburgh, I brought onboard director David Kirkbride to take the text and turn it into a snappy, wild, 50minute Edinburgh slice. In the last couple months David’s done exactly that! The science behind the ideas have become more intriguing since gravitational waves have been discovered. The human aspect of the play focuses on the dynamics of modern relationships, interdependence and vulnerability.
I think anyone who (a) has feelings and (b) lives in this universe will find this play relevant.

Do you have any top tips for surviving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – both for performers and visitors to the event?
This is my first time ever at the Edinburgh Fringe so I’m not the man to ask. Eeek!

What has been the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
In my first professional gig, I dried badly on press night. I went to speak to a character and my line just wasn’t there! Through the stillness and the awkward silence, I heard a single, guttural, roaring “HA!” from someone in the audience.
 Then the atmosphere loosen up, the line came back to me, the audience relaxed, and the scene picked up again, but I was so totally shaken and deeply embarrassed. My first play and I’d messed up on press night!
Then, after the show, I was mourning in my dressing room when there was a knock at the door. It was Simon Callow! In that same guttural, roaring voice he said: “I was in tonight, and I just wanted to say: I LOVED the pause!!”
Phew! I’d got away with it!

Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry and why?
Guy Pearce – his performances are always completely different, while still being razor sharp and spot on. I just think he’s great.
Simon Pegg – because he writes his own stuff!
My friends and peers from Guildhall – to see how everyone’s careers are progressing in different ways is humbling and inspiring.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Not really…but I if I need to be serious and I’m feeling a bit giggly, I close my eyes and think of a Rhino. Suddenly, all humour will leave me. I find absolutely nothing funny about Rhinos.

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Edinburgh Fringe?
Lewis Goody’s “I Cant Do This”. I saw a preview in London and it was brilliant – that was a while ago and I understand that it has developed quite a lot since then. I’m very interested to see it now!

Why do you think people should come and see your show over the thousands of others on at the fringe?
Simply put, we have something that has never been seen on stage before. This play will effect you.
Example: During rehearsals, the actual police showed up to check everything was OK during a scene where the characters are arguing so much that the police show up! I was buzzing. The acting, writing, and directing of this play have gelled into something very special. It would be a shame to miss it.


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