Laura Lexx talks about her Edinburgh Fringe show TRYING and how funny being a sad clown really is

Name: Laura Lexx
Name of Edinburgh show: Trying
Venue: The Turret, The Gilded Balloon Performance time: 17:15
Show length: 1hr
Ticket price: £7.50 – £9.50 (£6 previews, 1-3 August), 2-for-1 on August 6 & 7

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your performing background?
I’ve been coming to the Fringe since 2009 and since then I’ve done 3 mixed bill stand up shows, written and directed a play, acted in a play, acted in a sketch show, created and performed a panel show, and now this is my third solo stand up hour.

I love things to be bright and fast and happy and colourful and so this year my show is about depression and anxiety but still true to all the things I love about comedy.

Tell me about your show, what it is all about?
In 2016 I suffered a total breakdown when I started trying for a baby; my life fell apart and I ended up on anti-depressants, in therapy and struggling to keep my car on the road after gigs. The show is about how I got back to better and how funny being a sad clown really is.

How long have you been working on this show and what is it that makes it relevant to audiences in 2018?
It’s relevant because every other day we’re asked to retweet some article or hashtag about how important it is to open about mental health, and it is. But sombre articles can only do so much… at some point depression has to hit the mainstream and we have to stop pretending that it’s “other” people who have mental health issues. It’s not. It’s often the happiest seeming person you know.

I’ve been working on the show for a year… writing and rewriting and polishing and previewing. I don’t want anyone to come away thinking it wasn’t just as funny as a show about hilarious bus encounters or whatever’s topical that week. It’s belly laughs about head problems.

Do you have any top tips for surviving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – both for performers and visitors to the event?
Forget every other person there and do you. Know what you’re there for, try to do that and ignore absolutely everything else. You won’t win ‘em all.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry and why?
Zoe Lyons is my go to inspiration; she consistently smashes every opportunity thrown her way and is one of the most skin tingling performers I’ve watched. I think she’s so astute, so clever and always has a kind word of experience in a dressing room if you’re struggling with something. I think she’s fantastic.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I like to have a little dance and I like listening to the audience getting settled so I feel like I’m in synch with their mood.

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Edinburgh Fringe?
Abigoliah Schamaun, Garrett Millerick, and Mat Ewins.

Why do you think people should come and see your show over the thousands of others on at the fringe?
Because if I didn’t think it was worth their time I certainly wouldn’t be wasting mine on it. It’s straight up the best thing I’ve ever done and everything I’ve done up to now has been pretty good…so…?

Thanks for having Tea With Wilma


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