Stefanie Rossi talks about bringing ALL CHANGE to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Name: Stefanie Rossi
Name of Edinburgh show: All Change
Venue: Assembly George Square Theatre – The Box
Performance time: 12:20pm
Show length: 60 mins
Ticket price: £10

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your performing background?
I am an actor/singer/dancer and whilst I have been performing from before I can remember, but my professional training began in 2010 at the Adelaide College of the Arts where I completed an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting). Since graduating at the end of 2012 I have worked professionally in the industry with a number of theatre companies in Adelaide and Melbourne, performing in shows both locally and around Australia. I have had extensive experience both in theatre and film and have recently started my own production company with whom I have just finished a run of TWO by Jim Cartwright.

Tell me about your show, what it is all about?
All Change is a very moving and poignant comedy about the fragility of age, the different dynamics within family relationships and the challenges that life presents. It centres around Ivor, an elderly father, and his daughter, Lily, giving the audience a ‘fly on the wall’ look at the dynamics within their relationship as well as a glimpse of deeper things that lie beneath.

How long have you been working on this show and what is it that makes it relevant to audiences in 2018?
This will be the first time I have performed in All Change and I am very excited to have the opportunity to do so, as it’s themes are very close to my heart. It is a play that will always be relevant to audiences as conversation surrounding the fragility of age/life and the challenges that they bring with them are universal topics that are ever present in our lives and that all audience members can relate to in some way, shape or form.

Do you have any top tips for surviving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – both for performers and visitors to the event?
This will be my first time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but I have had some advice passed onto me by colleagues who have experienced the festival before – make sure you walk around as much as you can to have a really good look at what shows are on…and then just see as much as you can!

What has been the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
I think the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me on stage was during a production of The King And I that I was in. I was performing the dance of the evil king, Simon of Legree, and I was wearing a full head piece/mask that was very heavy. The dance involved many jumps and unfortunately during one of the performances, I landed one of the jumps incorrectly, unbalanced myself and fell flat on my face in front of the audience. There was no way I could pretend that it was supposed to happen either as I had clearly stacked it! I just had to get up, brush myself off and keep going…lucky I was wearing the mask so no-one could see that my face was as red as a beetroot haha

Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry and why?
I would have to say that Meryl Streep is one of my biggest inspirations for a number of reasons – she persisted with pursuing a career in performing in the face of strong discouragement and worked hard to get where she is/build the reputation she has today. She has managed not only to have a very successful career but also balance this with creating a family. I also admire her as she transforms from one character to the next which is something I also aspire to in my own performances. Her strength as a woman, passion for her craft and incredible ability are all things that inspire me greatly.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I like to stay busy right up until the beginners call so I don’t have time to get myself too nervous, so I’ll always do a physical and vocal warm up, check all of my props/costumes and then ensure I have just enough time to get ready. I will also always ensure I’ve run the show in my head every day for the entirety of the run of a show I am doing, regardless of how well I know the show or how many times I’ve performed it.

What other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Edinburgh Fringe?
I am looking forward to seeing fellow Adelaide performer Emma Knights in her one woman show The Piano Men, which is being put on by Emma Knights Productions. She is a wonderful musician and performer so this will be one to see!

Why do you think people should come and see your show over the thousands of others on at the fringe?
People should come and see All Change because it is an honest, heart-warming, touching and very well written piece of theatre that will move you to the core and leave you thinking, which is what all good theatre should do. The piece moves effortlessly between a perfect balance of comedy and poignancy and is a show that speaks to all audiences, regardless of age or gender.


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