Quentin Dentin ‘the future of musical theatre’ talks about his debut album

The self-titled debut album from the other-worldly superstar Quentin Dentin is released this week on 14 September. Based on his critically acclaimed theatre production The Quentin Dentin Show, Quentin’s songs have been described as ‘the future of musical theatre’ and ‘the best new score that British musical theatre has produced in years’.

What made you want to record your debut album?
Hello Wilma! It’s wonderful to be here with you – two fictional characters sitting down together for a cup of fictional tea. Mmm, delicious.

I had always wanted to record an album, and these four years of doing my Show have been in many ways a journey of refining these songs, to the point where they have become good enough to sound really great on a record. Because the music in The Quentin Dentin Show is inspired as much by 20th century pop music as musical theatre, the material feels very natural in an album format, and I think this record is by far the best Quentin Dentin product we have produced so far.

What was it like to go into the recording studio rather than the stage?
Well, you know, being in a recording studio is quite different from being on a stage, as it turns out. For starters the room was smaller, and it had four walls rather than three. There was also no audience, which I initially found quite depressing.

I was kept company by album producer Paul Garred and ghost writer Henry Carpenter, as well as the truly marvelous musicians and singers who brought my album to life, but I won’t deny it was a lonely experience. Still, I came through it and now I’m here talking to you, avec album!

Who are your favourite music artists at the moment?
Great question. Obviously Kanye West is still top dog in the music biz, and I’ve quite enjoyed his multifarious releases this year. I found Gorillaz’ new album The Now Now to be an unexpected delight (us fictional characters have to stick together).

Kicking it old school, Suede are releasing some beautiful songs, in anticipation of a new album in September. Their latest single is called ‘Life is Golden’, a sentiment with which I couldn’t agree more.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Actually, in between shows, interviews and album recording sessions I get turned off and put in a stasis chamber, so I have no perception of anything outside of The Quentin Dentin Show. I don’t know what happens when I’m not onstage. Luckily my Show contains such scope and breadth of the human condition that there’s really no need for me to see or experience anything else.

Having just landed on Planet Earth, what are you making of what’s going in the world right now? What have you learn about humans so far?
Oh, I think Planet Earth is a marvelous place! It’s home to the crowning glory of all mankind’s development: the entertainment industry. As a fictional character, I am thrilled by the way the lines seem to be blurring between entertainment and reality, and look forward to my eventual transition into politics.

What have I learned about humans? May I quote a line from those eminent human philosophers, the new wave rock group Devo?

“On Planet Earth, it’s a place to live your life: where pleasure follows pain, people go insane, fly around in planes, pray that it won’t rain, drive around in cars, get drunk in local bars, and dream of being stars”. Do you get what I’m saying?

Which song on the album means most to you, and why?
Aside from the title song ‘The Quentin Dentin Show’, I think ‘The Quentin Dentin TV Show’, which comes halfway through the album. It’s a sultry rumba duet between myself and my guardian angel Goldie, with a beautiful soaring chorus. I like it because it looks to the future. A future in which I have my own TV show. It’s a very emotional song. Elaine Paige played it on her show a couple of weeks ago – and that’s not fake news!

What’s next for you in terms of conquering the music world?
Hosting the Grammys. And releasing ‘The Quentin Dentin Show Album Volume 2 – Now with 200% More Quentin in’.

Why should people buy your debut album?
Because it sounds great. Because the songs are tuneful and engaging. Because it’s funny. Because it’s insightful.
Because it really is the musical theatre album the world deserves right now.


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