James Freedman: Man of Steal – Menier Chocolate Factory

©NOBBY CLARK+44(0)7941-515770+44(0)20-7274-2105nobby@nobbyclark.co.ukJames Freedman is known as one of the world’s greatest pickpocket entertainers – and it’s for good reason. Having picked the pockets of some of the most well-known, such as The Mayor of London, The Chancellor of the Exchequer and The Governor of The Bank of England as well as coaching the cast of the Les Miserables movie on street theft, the man has quite the resume.

Man of Steal will leave you on the edge of your seat as Freedman demonstrates the many ways in which we fall victim to the criminals of the street. After a defining experience, Freedman was inspired to study the system of the crimes that are committed in the streets. Being able to learn these techniques, he went on with this talent – using it for good – to teach others what to watch out for when they may come into a similar situation.

The show is composed of demonstrations through a trial of tactics used on his sidekick dummy, as well as plenty of audience interaction where numerous were stunned by his ability to not only steal his way into their identity, but remember and recite back multiple different data from credit cards to pin numbers. And one member of the audience gets a major reality check on how far these crimes can really stretch during the big finish.

With it only lasting approximately one hour, the show is just quick enough to keep the excitement and amazement in tact. You’ll leave a little more aware of what to watch for the next time you are walking the streets, but also looking for answers to the question “how DID he do that?!”

Reviewed by Caity O’Shaughnessy

Photo: Nobby Clark

James Freedman: Man of Steal is playing at the Menier Chocolate Factory until 27 April 2015. Click here for tickets