Jon Robyns (Legally Blonde) has Tea With Wilma

For those who may not be familiar with your work, can you give me a little run down of some of your career highlights so far?
Over the last 12 years I’ve been involved with various Musical Theatre productions in the West End, around the UK and Internationally. Some of my favourites are Avenue Q, which we opened in 2006, Les Miserables both the West End and Touring productions, and more recently opening Memphis in London and the current tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

You are about to star in ‘Legally Blonde’ at Curve, Leicester. What is the show about and what attracted you to the part you are playing?
The show follows Elle Woods, a UCLA graduate who attends Harvard Law school to win back her boyfriend and learns to be more than anyone, including herself, thought she could be. It’s a smart, funny, fun, heartfelt and real story about not judging books by their covers and looking past first impressions. I’ve always wanted to play this part. I feel a strong connection to Emmett and understand who he is and what drives him.

The film and the musical of Legally Blonde have been huge successes over the years. Do you feel added pressure to do a good job because of this and is this production any different from the previous West End version?
Not really. I’m a big believer in taking ownership of parts, especially when they’ve been previously played. It’s gonna be what I see in him and not what others saw when they did.

There are lots of exciting shows coming to London in 2016. What are you most looking forward to seeing?
Showboat at the New London. School of Rock at the Palladium. Dreamgirls is the one I’m most excited about.

If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what theatre role would you love to have a go at playing?
Probably Mrs. Lovett. The best written show of all time.

Can you complete this sentence. People should come and see Legally Blonde because…
It’s not often that a show surpasses your expectations with it’s intricacy, wit and sincerity. A show for everyone who has surprised themselves with things you thought you could never achieve…plus cute dogs.

Thanks for having Tea With Wilma

Legally Blonde is playing at the Curve, Leicester from 11 April 2016