Wilmas Rating [rating=3]

Duke of Yorks Theatre

Thursday 16 Aug – Saturday 3 Nov 2012

Written by April De Angelis
Directed by Nina Raine
Starring Tamsin Greig

I had read so many great reviews of this show, I was excited to be going to see it!

After a successful run at the Royal Court, Jumpy has transferred to the Duke of Yorks theatre in London’s West End.

Tamsin Greig plays Hilary. Since turning 50 she seems to be having a mid life crisis. Determined she could pass for 43 it is down to her husband Mark to gently tell her that changing her age on her CV may not pass as believable.

Daughter Tilly is 15 years old and does everything she shouldn’t do. When Hilary discovers she is sexually active (not only with boyfriend Josh but a whole host of other boys) she goes straight to the boys parents (Roland and Bea) who are on the verge of divorce and disagree over everything (including how they should deal with the sexually active teenagers).

The show goes very Mamma Mia (without the songs) and all of a sudden the families (minus Rolands now ex wife) find themselves on the beach in Cornwall. Hilary and Marks relationship  is breaking down which is good news for newly divorced Roland who has taken a liking to her!

Jumpy is funny in places and dull in others, sprinkled with a dose of uncomfortableness when Hilary’s best friend Frances decides to seduce Roland in leather bondage wear complete with nipple tassels.

Any parent who has watched their child grow up and through their teenage years will find this painfully honest and laugh along in the all too familiar scenarios.

Sadly, those who haven’t may get bored.