Kenny Doughty has Tea With Wilma about The Full Monty

Kenny Full Monty

For those who may not be familiar with your work, can you tell me about yourself and some of your career highlights?
I’m a Yorkshire born actor now living Los Angeles. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside inspiring and amazing actors in films such as Anthony Hopkins (Titus), Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth) and on the small screen as Ruth Jones’ fella in Stella.


The Full Monty is about to open in London’s West End. Can you tell me what the show is about and what people can expect if they come to see it.
Our play (which isn’t to be confused with the musical) has been adapted by the film’s writer Simon Beaufoy who has created a wonderful piece of theatre. He has taken all moments, characters, story and made them even richer, funnier and added genuine pathos.

For those who don’t know the film the story follows Gaz who’s been made redundant from the steelworks. He’s about to lose his kid to his ex-wife if he doesn’t pay up owed maintenance money. To get the cash he comes up with crazy idea of doing a strip show. Only his strippers are unemployed misfits from Sheffield.

It’s a story full of laughs, heartache and wonderful characters. All this supported by music from the film and a cheeky final dance scene where the 6 lads strip! What more could you want?


Can you tell me about the character you play and if there are any similarities between you and that character in real life?
I play Gary Schofield ‘Gaz’ who is a cheeky chancer with a heart of gold. The strange thing is I am playing a version of my dad. In the play I have a young son Nathan – who reminds me of myself when I was that age.


If I asked your friends to describe you in three words, what would they be.
Honest, Loyal, Present.


What has been the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
I was at Manchester Youth Theatre and I was 16years old. We didn’t get paid of course but we had a paying audience. I was playing Nicely-Nicely Johnson in Guys & Dolls, a lot of padding! My voice was high hence why they gave me him. On opening night I was terrified. Nicely’s first scene, if I remember correctly, is the ‘Fugue For Tinhorns’ song.  I had the first

line ‘I got the horse right here …’ The intro music kicked in and … I froze. Again the music lead up kicked in … my fellow actors were all staring at me with horrified expressions. My head was in meltdown … One more music cue and then  ‘I got the horse right here’ – we were off. The rest of show went swimmingly. Once I got started!


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