Kerry Ellis has Tea With Wilma chatting about MURDER BALLAD

tww-kerry-ellis-murder-ballad-2016•You are currently starring in the musical Murder Ballad at the Arts Theatre. For anyone who may not be familiar with the show, what it is about and what character do you play?
The show is a four-hander rock musical, there is a murder of course but it’s mainly about the relationships between the four characters and how they are entwined with each other. It’s very raw,
dark and intermit and feels a bit like you are a fly on the wall.

I play Sara who has quite a journey in the 90 minutes! We see her story from her early twenties through to marriage, a child, an affair and the fall out. It’s very real and quite intense.

Murder Ballad is on at the quite intimate Arts Theatre, which is much smaller than the type of venues you are used to playing in the West End. What was so special about this show that made you want to do it?
Exactly that! I loved the idea of doing something so different and exposing, it was a real challenge. It’s almost like the audience are in our living room and watching real-life.
It’s so unlike anything I have ever done There are no big sets and costumes to hide behind – it’s all
about the performances and storytelling. We have an incredible four-piece band to who are rocking live on stage every night.

You recently mentioned that your next album Anthems 2 will be released early in 2017.
What can you tell me about the album and how will it compare to your previous releases?

Well it’s my second full studio album with Brian, we haven’t done a live album since Anthems which
is our show that we have been touring around Europe! It’s full of drama as you can imagine, there are some originals and a few covers, a good mix. The new songs are exciting. I can’t wait for people to hear them. I’m really proud of this album.

You are shortlisted for a West End Wilma Award for your cabaret show at the Hippodrome Casino and the results will be announced next week. What does the idea of awards mean to you and does it mean more when the public have voted rather than industry professionals?
I think it’s wonderful to have celebrations of peoples work and it’s wonderful that the public are
excited about live performances. I am fortunate to do a job that I love and doesn’t feel like work
so to be acknowledged on top of all that by the very people who support and buy tickets is the cherry on top.

You support a lot of great charities throughout your work. I have teamed up with the National Autistic Society to release a charity single, which will be launched at the Wilma Awards next week. All the money raised will go towards staging more Relaxed Performances of theatre shows, helping to make theatre accessible to all. Have you ever been involved with any Relaxed Performances in any of the shows you have been in and how did you find the experience?
Not yet, though I think theatre is for everyone anyway and this can only be a good thing in the

Apart from acting (or your children), what is your biggest passion?
There’s no time for anything else ! ha ha ,, my husband of course.

There are lots of exciting shows coming to London’s theatre district. What are you most
looking forward to seeing?

I’d love to be able to get into see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I know it’s already here but that I would love to see.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the theatre industry and why?
I think mainly my fellow actors; I have been blessed with working with some amazing people and without having great co-stars the job would be extremely difficult, I have worked opposite some incredible talent and I’m forever grateful to them all – from the actors to the musicians, technical staff to my dressers and FOH. Without any of them the shows just wouldn’t work.

Why do you think people should come to see Murder Ballad at the Arts Theatre?
This show is a rare experience and a very limited run, I don’t think you will see the four of us in
such an intermit space in central London in this format ever again. Its unique, exciting, moving,
dangerous and the music is rocking!!! It’s really a one off not to be missed.

Thanks for having Tea With Wilma

See Kerry Ellis in MURDER BALLAD at the Arts Theatre until 3 December 2016. Book Tickets