Kerry Ellis to launch MAD Trusts new HIV prevention programme

This tuesday, 2nd April 2014, west end leading lady Kerry Ellis will launch MAD Trusts new PITstop programme at the Dominion Theatre.

This is the first project of its kind directly addressing sexual health issues in the theatre industry. Results from MAD Trusts 2012 entertainment industry survey indicated a general lack of HIV awareness in the industry with a number of people unsure how the virus was contracted and assumed due to age, gender or sexuality they we not at risk. Others indicated due to a lack of knowledge of where to access condoms late at night once the curtain had come down they were likely to take risks with their sexual health.

MAD Trusts PITstops (Prevention In Theatre stops) are simple boxes that contain condom packs and basic information. They will be available back stage in theatres, drama schools and rehearsal rooms.

For more information on MAD Trust and the work they do click here