Lady of the lake

Today brings the joyous news that actress Bonnie Langford will return to play the Lady of the Lake in the West End production of Spamalot from 6th May 2013. Bonnie played the role on the 2011 UK tour and then opened the shows short West End transfer at the Harold Pinter Theatre in April 2012. When the show announced that due to its success, it would take up a more permanent residency at the Playhouse Theatre, Bonnie was unable to continue in the role due to prior commitments to play Roz in the UK tour of the Dolly Parton musical 9 to 5. With that tour now coming to an end, Bonnie is bouncing back into Spamalot, taking the holy grail back from Sarah Earnshaw who only recently began her run in the show.

When Bonnie first left the West End production of Spamalot, leading lady Anna Jane Casey took on the role (alongside husband and long running member of the Spamalot family, Graham MacDuff).

I never saw Spamalot in the original West End production back in 2006 but I believe I have seen almost every cast since the 2010 UK began. I’ve jetted all around the country to see the likes of Jodie Prenger, Matthew Kelly, Phil Jupitus, Amy Nuttall,  plus my favourite lady of the lake Hayley Tamaddon.

Bonnie brings a special quality to the show that no other actress could match. Perhaps it is the fact she has been performing on stage since the tender age of 7 but she is an inspirational woman to watch perform. She may feel she has been off of the Spamalot stage for far too long, but they are obviously welcoming her back with open arms (and rightly so).

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Watch my Tea With Wilma video interview with Bonnie Langford, filmed whilst performing with Spamalot at the Harold Pinter Theatre in 2012.