Let It Be

130508-beatles-let-it-beLet It Be is a tribute show to the legendary Beatles. The 1960’s pop group from Liverpool that became a craze across the world with young girls. If you didn’t get a chance to see them perform live all those years ago then you can head down to the Garrick Theatre in London’s West End and pretend like you are watching the real thing. At least that is what the majority of the audience seemed to be doing on the night I saw the show.

Sadly, Let It Be is not a theatrical spectacular. There is no dialogue, no story, no wow factor. Just four people standing on stage, playing songs and imitating idols from 50 years ago. Sadly this production is not as authentic as it could be. ‘Paul McCartney’ is apparently no longer left-handed. It is however authentic as the bars at the Garrick Theatre only accept cash! I like to imagine that this is done purposefully to bring people back to the era of the 1960’s and not because they are not in the 21st Century.

Let It Be is not doing the west end any favours in terms of showing people how they should behave in the Theatre. Audience members are encouraged to stand up and dance, take pictures and videos and make trips to the bar which is open during the performance. This is obviously done to create the feeling of being at a Beatles concert which again raises the point that this is not a theatre show.

There is certainly a market for this show and the audience seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and the £75 they paid, but I couldn’t help myself from wanting to tap them on the shoulder and say “you know they’re not really the Beatles?” – somehow I don’t think they would have cared.

I’ve decided not to give Let It Be a star rating like I usually do with my reviews as I feel it would be unfair to judge the show on theatrical merits when there aren’t any (and I don’t think the show is really claiming to be anything more than it is).

West End Wilma

Let It Be is booking at the Garrick Theatre until 20 September 2014. Click here to book tickets.