Wilma’s rating: [rating=5]


Where: Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden

When: Until 18th August

How much: £10

Proceeds from this show are going to the Red Cross charity.


When a suicide bomber detonated a bomb on a busy Tube on July 7th 2005, 35 people died.

Listening is a graphic 75 minute, one woman monologue, currently being performed at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden, as part of the 2012 Camden Fringe Festival.

This is the story of one girl (Annie) who had the misfortune of standing next to the bomber on that morning and the minute by minute account of what happened after the bomb when off.

What If she hadn’t left early that morning, what if she had gone back home when she realised she had left the TV on and what if, she hadn’t squeezed her way onto the busy tube?

Nellie McQuinn (an Australian born actress and producer) started writing this ten years ago as a way to process the death of her best friend Christie Cunningham, who died aged sixteen.

Sobbing can be heard throughout the audience in this highly graphic and emotional story of one girls determination to survive.

Nellie also recites sections from both the bible and the Koran, questioning the reasons why an eighteen year old man felt the need to die for his religion and what she had done to deserve it.

Listening is a very moving and important play, that deserves to go on to be a huge success.

The world is ready to hear this story.