London Underground deems My Night With Reg poster ‘inappropriate’ for being too cheeky

My Night With Reg Banned

In the week when The Sun Newspaper has ended its 44 year tradition of publishing topless pictures of glamour models on page three of their newspaper, London underground have apparently had the cheek to ban posters from tube stations which show a man’s partially naked bottom.¬†

The poster for My Night With Reg, which has just transferred to the Apollo Theatre from the Donmar Warehouse, can be seen above on the left, showing a naked man holding a David Bowie LP and revealing his buttocks. After public outrage, the official @MyNightWithReg Twitter account took to social media tonight to reveal that the poster that was actually banned as being ‘inappropriate’ was not that image but a far less revealing poster show in the centre above. The final approved image has been spotted by one Twitter user who posted it online and clearly has been heavily edited to cover everything.

imageHas the world gone mad or are we just cracking down on any kind of nudity that is available in public? Twitter users have suggested it may have been¬†deemed as inappropriate more because the play tells the story of Gay men with HIV in the 1980’s, than because of the nudity shown in the poster.

What ever the reasons London Underground had for editing the image to an ‘appropriate’ level, as least we can see their standards are consistent with this protein powder advert that is apparently still proudly displayed on the underground!

My Night With Reg is now playing at the Apollo Theatre in London’s West End. Click here to buy tickets and see if it lives up to the hype that has been created!