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As a lading lady who needs no introduction, I’ll skip past my usual ‘tell me about yourself’ question, as I’m sure everyone knows who you are! Tell me about your brand new album ‘It’s Time’. What was your inspiration and how does it differ from your other albums?
‘Its Time’ is an album that i feel has been a long time coming!!! There are so many truly wonderful, iconic Musical Theatre songs on this album that I have never touched before, songs that I have grown up listening to like ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and ‘What I Did For Love’ all accompanied by a breath taking orchestra. When the opportunity came along to record these classics, I was reluctant at first as i desperately wanted to do them justice. It took a long time to put together the final album track listing but i’m thrilled with each and every song that made it onto the album, there is even a little treat on there in the form of a duet with Shayne Ward called Falling Slowly from the musical Once. This album feels perfect for the place I am in right now in my career, it feels mature….’proper’!!

I know it must be hard to choose, but do you have a favourite song on the new CD?
That is tough but Falling Slowly is beautifully subtle amongst a lot of big belters so i love that one. Also Send in The Clowns because of its story and also A New Life because of the memories that song holds from when i played Lucy in Jekyll and Hyde.

If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what musical theatre role would you like to have a go at playing?
Ooh Jean Valjean just to sing Bring Him Home….surely i could get away with it….stick a beard on me?!

Do you have a favourite Musical Theatre show or song that means a lot to you?
Defying Gravity will always set my heart racing and bring a lump to my throat. My time in Wicked was so very special and has played a huge part in my career and growth as a performer.

You have just announced a tour for February 2014. What kind of show can people expect if they come to see you on the road?
I am currently working on my tour which i am insanely excited about. People can expect to see me….as me..but with an edge. This is a huge step for me and i want to make sure its a very special show. ‘Its Time’ the tour will include songs from my new album along with a lot of other huge ‘diva’ classics all tied together in my own style. I have a fantastic band and my guests will include professional and well known performers aswell as new, raw talent. I am holding a competition called ‘I CAN SING’ where i have invited people to submit  videos of themselves singing, my musical director Barney Ashworth, my Director Adam Murray and I will go through them all and someone different will be chosen to sing with me at every venue. Everyone needs a lucky break to showcase their talent and i want to give 10 people their break.

Which stop on your tour are you most excited about and how did you choose the places you are visiting?
I’m looking forward to each and every one but Milton Keynes will be particularly special as its close to the place i grew up so lots of friends and family will be there to support me and i’ve always wanted to play The Stables Theatre.

I know you are an animal lover, so, if you were going to get a new pet and had to give it a musical theatre character name, what would you go for?
Ooh i’ve had my eye on a teacup Chihuahua, i’d want a little girl and i’d call her….Adelaide

People must always ask you about being in Wicked. Do you have any favourite lines from the show?
I must admit i loved my first line…’WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?’ haha what a feisty one!

What has been the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
During Guys and Dolls, thankfully in the dress rehearsal, during the strip tease i accidentally grabbed too much clothing and whipped off my dress AND the top that was underneath it, i was pretty mortified but can laugh about it now!


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